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This document extend core network, that cover the most common environments, with virtual networks and bridges.

To configure a sub-domain from, generate cron job to update ip every 5 minutes, check about dynamic interface. To run as system cron job add as root and remove path line from example;

        # crontab -e

Replace KEY and domain_name with correct one;

        4,9,14,19,24,29,34,39,44,49,54,59 * * * * sleep 22 ; wget --no-check-certificate -O -[KEY]= >> /var/log/freedns_domain_name.log 2>&1 &


For more information about bridges read bridges with iptables. Script /etc/rc.d/blan creates br0 bridge interface with ip. Number of tap interfaces created and attached depends on number of cpu cores available. Ethernet interface is added to the bridge. Edit /etc/rc.conf to setup interfaces at startup;

        # /etc/rc.conf: system configuration

        SERVICES=(lo iptables wlan blan crond)

        # End of file

Change iptables init script /etc/rc.d/iptables and set TYPE to bridge, /etc/iptables/bridge.v4. Now change and with your network configuration and run;

        # bash
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